Enhancing flexibility and accelerating time to value

One of the major challenges faced when using multiple logistics service providers is how to gain end-to-end visibility and control over cargo flows while optimising efficiency across all parties involved.

Most of the world’s companies in the course of organic or acquisition-driven growth decentralised logistics structures have evolved, leading to lack of transparency and flexibility. Failing to integrate different internal and external IT-systems prevents the achievement of data visibility

Our professionals can develop, implement and operate scalable solutions for greater visibility, flexibility and speed. That’s where Axe Bpo comes in. It orchestrates each individual partner to achieve required visibility and harmony.

One of the primary purposes of Control Tower is to reduce delay and yet Logistics and supply chain complexity is only growing because of globalization and outsourcing. Knowing who needs to know about an effect, not the event itself, is critically important. Armed with both the ability to determine the downstream and upstream effects or impacts and whether they exceed acceptable control tolerance very quickly, and the ability to determine who needs to know very quickly.


What are the operations / tasks that can be handled in Logistics Control Tower:

A logistics control tower is capable of providing the following services:

 Sourcing carriers
 Negotiating rates
 Routing shipments via TMS
Managing contract rates and lanes
Requesting spot quotes if contract lanes are un
Troubleshooting critical and delayed shipments
Track and trace of all shipments
Delivery confirmation
Freight claims management
Freight invoice audit
Data capture, analysis, and metrics

While some companies will want all of the above services to be included, others will want to pick and choose specific tasks to be handled by the control tower.

Undoubtedly knowing something sooner is important. Knowing quickly that this something will have significant upstream or downstream effects is even better, and quickly telling someone that needs to know is significant.

Axe Bpo Control Tower provides dedicated teams and services to outsource the components of your activities that are not part of your core business.

The Control management system is designed to improve agility, efficiency and control all along your cargo movements, wherever necessary.


 Bill of lading authorization
 Specialized Track & Trace tools
 Optimization of your booking and customs clearance
Contract, invoice and payment control


Dedicated team for Purchase Order management & consolidation
Enhanced transparency and control through single point of contact
Industry expertise and specific solutions


Dedicated team for management
Complete action plan definition and deployment monitoring
Frequent alerts when products statuses are updated



 Enhanced transparency and control through single point of contact
 Faster response times to evolving business requirements through higher flexibility and adaptability to change
 Greater visibility, speed, and productivity via integrated, state-of-the-art information systems


 Scalability and management solutions enabling fast roll-out in new (and multiple) locations
 Improved levels of service and long-term value creation
 Continuous improvement

Cost Optimisation

Increased efficiencies

Optimised transport, customs clearance, warehousing, management and supplier-related costs

Reduced inventory levels

Axe Bpo control towers will ensure you full visibility and expert control of your supply chain thanks to its experience and dedicated tools:

IT System solutions

Reporting process (reporting on a daily & weekly basis, monthly KPI)

Additional logistics service (management of damaged containers, bookings, management of BLs )

Alerts in case of problems (short-shipped container, damaged unit, roll-over…)

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