Make your global freight rate management accurate and simple.

The complicated nature of ocean shipping makes rate and contract management one of the biggest challenge anywhere in the logistics industry. If you are a freight forwarder or NVOCC you already know this. Not only are the fees, surcharges, advisories, and contract addendums hard to understand and apply, each can seemingly change at the discretion of the carriers. Even the simplest ocean contract is a complicated mess – yet it’s the reality of international ocean shipping.

Moreover, most negotiated contracts were maintained in disparate sources, either in paper form or in spreadsheets, which made it difficult and time-consuming to look up optimal rates.

Hence you need an expert who can understand ocean shipping to interpret your contract’s language and make sure all fees and other costs are understood and accounted for. This expert should also be connected enough in the industry to stay on top of the constant flow of new advisories, GRIs, and other surcharges that will inevitably come up. If you have this resource in-house – congratulations that is rare. Many find it takes a third party to interpret and keep up with ocean carrier contracts.

We also introduce automation to create a simple, cost-effective solution for each of the carrier rate templates.

Our specialists are experts in carrier pricing and rate management. Services include:

Ongoing rate management: Our staff can manage data entry for some or all of your import and/or export contracts, including contract loading and management of all on-going amendments.

Interim rate management: Axe Bpo can provide short-term help in the event of the loss of a key staff member or to help you do the initial loads of your contracts. Our rate management team performs like members of your own staff.


Ongoing Comprehensive Rate Management
Interim Outsourced Rate Management
Flexible Multi-modal Rate Contract System
Smooth EDI Integration with client system
Transparent All-In Quote (GRIs, Market Fees, Surcharges)
Geography Definition
Display Rate Validity and Expiry
Enable Quick Accurate Quotes


Eliminate Inefficiency
Swift Rate Updates
Quick TAT
Round-the-clock support
Faster time to market
Happy Sales Team

We appreciate Axe Bpo’s prompt updates and response. We are impressed.
–Lead Negotiator, A Leading Global Freight Forwarding Company, Europe

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